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August 1, 2007


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  • Mood: Hysterical
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ok, me and my friends are attempting to find 101 uses for shoelaces, and all you marvelous people out in deviantart who are reading this journal, if you have any ideas :idea:, no matter how random, tell them to me and i'll put them in the list, giving credit to whoever had the idea. you know you wanna join in the quest for 101 uses for shoelaces. heres the list thusfar.

1. Keep your shoes from falling off of your feet *obviously*
2. Create a colorful choker necklace
3. Become a large bracelet
4. Turns into an interesting anklet
5. A toy for a bored kat *i know theres 2 t's* lol
6. An alternative karate belt
7. A way to tie back hair
8. Pieces of a flambouyant hat
9. A leash for a spunky hamster
10. A way to trip an unsuspecting victim
11. A slow fuse for an explosive
12. An odd bandaid
13. A way to hold up a sign that says,"No food or drinks" in a  classroom doorway that you will always hit with your face entering the room
14. A miniscule whip
15. Tied together fo a retarded jumprope (TheAlchemicNinja)
16. A way to irratate a pampered dog
17. A sneaky stragulation device
18. A noose (hawktalons)
19. A way to TP a house if your out of toilet paper (TheAlchemicNinja)
20. A makeshift belt for those of whom are yelled at by a teacher for having their pants hang too low (hawktalons)
21. Strange handcuffs (hawktalons)
22. A way to tie someone to a tree
23. A retarded way to attempt to pull a tooth (blackfox)
24. A mustache (Gaara-Sephiroth)
25. A crappy propeller for a retarded attempt at a helicopter (TheAlchemicNinja)
26. A strange wig that people will stare at (TheAlchemicNinja)
27. A retarded way to hange decorations (Jet-the-hawk)
28. A tinsy tie (paradoxdestruction)
29. A turban (paradoxdestruction)
30. A G-string *wtf* (paradoxdestruction)
31. A retarded way to fish (paradoxdestruction)
32. A gaged earing for those who have huge holes in their ears (paradoxdestruction)
33. A blindfold (paradoxdestruction)
34. A really retarded paintbrush
35. Earplugs
36. Weaved into a hamock
37. Keychain (mom)
38. Ninja headband
39. Bookmark (mom)
40. Tail on a stuffed mouse (blackfox)
41. A tourniquet (UnfortunateRaven)
42. A terrifyingly fake python (UnfortunateRaven)
43. A fake booger to scare little kids (UnfortunateRaven)
44. A spagetti monster!! (UnfortunateRaven)
45. A way to aatach pens to your waist (UnfortunateRaven)
46. An emergency web for a desperate spider (UnfortunateRaven)
47. A way to tie cans to peoples shoes *so much fun!!* (UnfortunateRaven)
48. A way to tie someone to a pole (UnfortunateRaven)
49. A way to tie someone to a chair for questioning (UnfortunateRaven)
50. A way to tie someone to someone else *lol* (UnfortunateRaven)
51. A retarded way to attempt to dust (blackfox)
52. Pet collar (blackfox)
53. A quick muzzle (UnfortunateRaven)
54. A pretend noodle (UnfortunateRaven)
55. Part of a mini Indiana Jones costume (UnfortunateRaven)
56. A way to hold up a too big tube top (UnfortunateRaven)
57. Something to braid into your hair (UnfortunateRaven)
58. Really bad smelling insence (UnfortunateRaven)
59. A leash... for a goose! (UnfortunateRaven)
60. A ring for an obese giant (UnfortunateRaven)
61. A mummy costume for a snake (UnfortunateRaven)
62. A windsock (UnfortunateRaven)
63. Aord for a lego crane (UnfortunateRaven)
64. A guitar string (UnfortunateRaven)
65. A gag for a barbie *to shut her up* (UnfortunateRaven)
66. A kite tail (UnfortunateRaven)
67. A string animal (UnfortunateRaven)
68. Gun cleaning device (UnfortunateRaven)
69. Camera handle (UnfortunateRaven)
70. A flag (hottninjaseatwaffles)
71. Wrapped around your hands for gloves (hottninjaseatwaffles)
72. A phone charm (hottninjaseatwaffles)
73. Tied around legs to keep up really long socks (hottninjaseatwaffles)
74. A really weird chain *those put on pants*  (super_dengaku_girl *from gaiaonline*)
-75. A way to save yourself when falling off a cliff (super_dengaku_girl *from gaiaonline*)
76. A way to cover a papercut (super_dengaku_girl *from gaiaonline*)
77. If tied properly: a skiny tie (capitan cupcake *from gaiaonline*)
78. Backpack charm (capitan cupcake *from gaiaonline*)
79. To identify packs at the airport (capitan cupcake *from gaiaonline*)
80. Used to hipnotize someone (capitan cupcake *from gaiaonline*)
81. A gift for a friend (capitan cupcake *from gaiaonline*)
82. A way to repair a broken necklace (capitan cupcake *from gaiaonline*)
83. A way to keep reading glasses on you (capitan cupcake *from gaiaonline*)
84. to identify your pop can/cup/bottle when drinking with friends (capitan cupcake *from gaiaonline*)
85. Glued to someones face as a moustache (bubblepopfaery *from gaiaonline)
86. A way to hang dog treats to the ceiling and train dog to "stand" (bubblepopfaery *from gaiaonline)

this is all i have so far, and i just started the list in my head as i typed this. if you have an idea :idea: please don't hesatate to tell me!!

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hawktalons Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
Food and a blindfold (if you don't already haave those)
hawktalons Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
~Food if you really desperate
~A choke collar :)

I had more ideas, but can't remember them DX
hottninjaseatwaffles Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2007
A flag.
wrap them around your hands from gloves.
A phone charm.
tie them around your legs too keep up really long socks/stockings.

I personaly use them to keep my teddys stringed up in my room 8D
scary huh?
oracleofdoom13 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2007
lol, thanks for the ideas!!!! ^^ :D
UnfortunateRaven Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2007
a cord for a lego crane
a guitar string
a gag for a barbie(to shut her up)
the tail of a kite
the tail of a string animal
a string animal!!
a gun cleaning device (seriously it works w/ AK47's)
a handle for a camera or gameboy or sumtin
oracleofdoom13 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2007
omfg!!!!!!!!!! you have given teh most ideas out of everyone *bows down to your creativity*
UnfortunateRaven Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2007
dontcha love teh crazii ppl??
oracleofdoom13 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2007
yes ^^ heres a story. i moved after my 8th grade year from the ops school district to the millard schools. i didnt know anyone when i first started. on my first day of school, during the mustang stampede (for freshies), i met a ton of the random people im friends with now.
UnfortunateRaven Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2007
YAY!! i have a habit of expressing my opinion loudly and saying random things to random ppl, it works for me, i gots the awsomest friends ever!! like you :D
oracleofdoom13 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2007
nyoro!!! yayz!! yayz for ze random outbursts turning into random friendness!!
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